Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well it's been too long since I've updated the blog. A lot has been going on in the Banks household. Jackson & Brayden have been busy this summer. We've had pancake parties at our house almost every Monday with our friends. It makes for a great and messy time for the kids and mommies. I will have to take some pics at our next PP. They have also had a great time swimming at the gym. It is the most amazing pool and just perfect for kids. It has a beach entry with a mushroom waterfall and little fountains that "bubble" up. They have come such a long way since we the spring. They will both get their faces and heads wet, so swimming lessons are in our future. We are thankful they have a heated indoor pool so we can do lessons anytime of year. When we can't make it to the gym we head to the backyard for some needed cool down time.
They also had MDO during the month of July which was a nice break from home. They had a theme each week and lots of crafts, fun food days, and parties. They came home and passed out for 3+ hours each day.

In July, I also celebrated my birthday with my friend Lindsay. We had a party at our house with all of our friends. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pics from July 16th.

Jason and I also found out on my birthday that we would be adding another little boy to the family. Drew is due 12/22, but we will be schedule for a c-section about 2 weeks prior. I can't believe I will have 4 boys. I thought for sure that this one would be a girl. Either way, I am excited to hold this baby and bring him home to meet his brothers. They are already wanting him to "come out" as Jackson says.

The next week, Jason and I jetted off to New Orleans/Baton Rouge for a small vacation. We knew that with Drew on his way, it may be a while before a vacation will be back on the radar. Thankfully we had my family there who were the most gracious hosts. It was so relaxing and we had a wonderful time. It always goes by fast, but we came back refreshed and the boys were happy to see us. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching them while we were away.

August has brought hot temps. Just the other day, Jackson asked if he could go outside at 5:30 and when I looked on the temp, it said 109 degrees. Obviously, the answer was no, but that makes for some long days around here. We've been lucky to have friends on the same schedule and time with their cousins, Joshua & Rylee before school started. We also celebrated our 7th anniversary on August 16, followed by Patrick's first birthday on August 18th. We planned a small gathering with our close friends to celebrate his short but very touching time with us. The boys know he "lives" at church, so we brought him a balloon, some flowers, balloons for the kids, and had cake back at the house. It was a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. I had been feeling emotional about it for a week or so prior to his birthday, but am very much at peace with it and love to think about what he is doing up there in Heaven.

As far the last few weeks, I've been sewing nap mats for some friends as we get ready for Mother's Day Out to start. I also made a table runner for our dining room table and am getting ready to hit the craft show circuit with diaper wallets. On Monday, I start sign language classes at TCC to get my certification. I will either interpret on the side or go back to working in the schools. It should take me about 2 years to finish, but it will be right in time for Jackson to start school. We'll see how it goes especially since I'm supposed to have this baby a week before the semester ends. Maybe I can get my c-section postponed a week. :)

Hugs everyone!