Thursday, December 9, 2010

38 weeks

Well, only 5 days until we can meet Drew! I'm so excited to meet this new little addition to our family. We have been so blessed to have these children. I try to remind myself of how Jason and I were told we would probably never have children after his 6 months of chemo. What a wonderful example of how God can do anything!

I'm scheduled to deliver on Tuesday, December 14th at 7am. Of course anything can happen between now and then, but hopefully I'll just continue to hang on until then. It just makes things so much easier when it's all planned out.

At my doctor's appointment yesterday, we received some wonderful news. Cord Blood Registry, one of the company's that collects newborn cord blood, had advised us to apply for the Designated Treatment Program. This would allow us to collect Drew's cord blood for Jason if he were to ever relapse at no cost. This would save us about $2000. Well, yesterday, we were approved and they are going to collect it for free. I almost couldn't believe it. After 5 years of shelling out so many thousands of dollars in medical expenses, this was like an early Christmas present. We had planned on collecting Jackson's cord blood, but when his umbilical cord tore off during labor, there was no blood to collect. Then we didn't have the money to do it with Brayden since I wasn't working, Patrick's blood was not good, so this could potentially be our last chance. It's like an insurance policy for our family. They are also going to store it for us for 10 years for free. Jason and I are so excited and thankful for this gift.

I'll try to update some fall pictures from the camera. I feel bad every time I don't add new pics on here. Hope all of you are doing well and look forward to sending you pics of our new family next week!