Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A tiny detail

Well on my last post, which was Patrick's 8 month birthday, I left off one tiny detail. I just wasn't ready to spill the beans, but you guessed it, I'M PREGNANT...AGAIN! Yes, that's right, we are having another baby, due 12/21/10. Everything seems to be going well so far. I've had one sono and another one is scheduled for next Thursday to check for a heartbeat. Please pray for a healthy baby. I just want to be able to love and take this one home with us. I know the boys want their little brother or sister here too.

So with that said, no sinus surgery for me, but thankfully, I'm feeling ok. Just a little nausea in the afternoons. I've been super busy sewing diaper wallets. They are now for sale at Kid to Kid in Arlington. I'm working on getting some other stores to carry them and selling to friends for now.

We are all doing well and I'll update some pics soon!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

8 months ago

Today is Patrick's 8 month birthday. Just a reminder to say hello to our angel in heaven. He's been on my mind a lot lately and I'm missing him more now than before.

We've had another busy week. Since Brayden's birthday and Easter, we have started many house projects (and finished them, I might add!) :) Brayden caught another virus, but thankfully his ears were fine and no strep. I also got another sinus infection, went back to the doctor and was told that I needed to go to an ENT since I've been on antibiotics for a month.

Our retaining wall/flower bed has finally been landscaped. Alleluia!!! We went to The Plant Shed in Mansfield, picked out all the shrubs and plants, had 3 yards of dirt and 3 yards of mulch brought in, and thankfully had some help planting and filling it in. It looks awesome! At the same time, we had all the outside of the house painted, some cracks inside fixed and now are having the main living area painted too. The only thing we still want to do is to have a gate installed across the driveway, but it'll have to wait a little bit longer.

This is down the driveway. The rose was given to us by our friends Brian & Courtney as a memory bush for Patrick. We planted it next to St. Francis statue since he is buried at the St. Francis cremains garden.

Oh, and Jackson is finally potty trained! (He's been since Spring Break) It's so nice not having 2 in diapers. Brayden has to go sit on his potty every time Jackson goes to the bathroom. It's cute and I'm hoping he'll be ready soon.

Tonight, Brayden made a huge mess. Jason heard the water running while watching tv and assumed it was me doing the dishes. 5 minutes later, it was still running , so he got up and found B in the bathroom sitting in the sink. He decided to take all of Jackson's flushable wipe and put them in the sink, clogging it and create his own waterfall. There was an inch of water on the floor and down the hall. Thankfully, Jason's dad brought us a shop-vac for Easter. It was put to good use tonight. The only thing Brayden said when Jason walked in the bathroom was, "Hi Daddy!" Too cute.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Is Here

Here's a little update to our Spring season. We had a great Easter. The boys loved hunting for eggs (inside and out) and we had a great Easter dinner with family. My parents, my sister Kathryn, and her husband Joel, and Jason's brother, David, his wife Susanne and my neice Rylee and nephew Joshua. We not only celebrated the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, but it was also Brayden's 2nd birthday!

My sister made some cute rice krispy treat eggs and we had plenty of candy. Then on Monday, we celebrated Brayden's birthday with a small party at our house. Here are the pics of the cake that I made with the help of my mom. I can't take credit for the whole thing.